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Given Name:Kristina
Age: 18
Location:Kirkland WA
What level of the education process are you at? h.s. Grad
Who is your role-model? My grandmother
Use one word to describe yourself: werid :)
Tell us about the most selfless act you've ever committed: Umm its like when its someones birthday at work, ill make them a cake! Or when they dont feel good ill make them cup cakes, or placing little notes around for people to see them when they are feeling down.
What's the nicest thing you've ever done for someone else? hrmm.. Well when mark was sick and not feeling well i went to his house and got into his room and put his fav. choc. milk and 2 roses, white and blue **his fav. colors. on his bed with a little note saying feel better :)
Tell us something interesting: Umm iwant to be a teacher :)
Say something funny: Boo!
How many languages can you speak fluently? 1
What other languages are you learning? spanish and french
Can you play any musical instruments(which and how long)? nope im a loser! :(

One Favorite Per
Book: Where the heart is
Film or Movie: Crazy beautiful
Play: never really watched
Quote:**"K-Dawg Woof Woof"
Word: Smile!
Hobby:cross stiching
Artist(of the medium* of your choice): Ashley Simpson
Person: my nana

Opinions make the world interesting. Share yours.
United States government? i really could care less.
Plastic Surgery? If u want it get it... if not then what ever
Sensoring of creative expression? well i can understand if little people were goin to see it, but other than that its dumb
Rewarding students with money for success in school? i agree with it just not loads of money.. like 20 bucks per A is okay :)

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One community. List link here: Fatandugly

What's the biggest decision you've ever have to make? Moving in with my father.
What is the most important thing have you learned from life so far? Life takes u where u choose to go, not where u want to go.

Post at least 3 flattering pictures of yourself. Doesn't matter the type. If you have a hot body show it. If your face is what keeps you going, show it.

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